Behind the window (nederlandse versie)

„On occasion of the "Rotterdams fabrikaat" I contacted different people of the Gouvernestreet and created (together with them if they wanted to) an idea for an image to confront the people in the street with.  Mostly in form of projections people look from the inside to the outside, to the passer-by or the neighbour. The street has many faces, and behind the curtains many things are going on at the same time. I try to connect the outside with the inside on a visual and thereby imaginative level.“


ACHTER HET RAAM; 19, 20 & 21 september, Gouvernestraat + Nighttown, Rotterdam, contact:



In a chineese massage- and hairdressers-saloon you might find a massage or a hairdresser at work

Mrs. Goeldjar with flowers on her costume.

A giant woman with a rabbit on her arms is standing on three levels.

At Nighttown-café the doorkeepers, Said and Sasha, will be projected with big eyes above the entrance, starring at what’s happening in the inside and outside...

¬ From the 2nd floor Mrs Klas is starring down on the street.


Watch out for Santa Claus, the LV-crew and everybody looking at you from behind windows ...